A Criminal Law Firm Willing to Fight For You

When asked to describe who he is, our lead attorney, is likely to give a straightforward response: “I’m a winner.”

That answer represents DC Law. We do not consider the statement to be arrogant. We consider it confident. That confidence is built on a record for successfully helping countless people defend their freedom and their future against criminal charges. We are not unrealistic. In fact, when you meet with us, we will give you an honest assessment of the potential outcome. We will set realistic expectations. Then we will work hard to exceed those expectations.

We will fight for you.

We offer free consultations to give you the opportunity to get to know us and learn about how an experienced trial attorney can help you.

When we say we will fight for you, we do not take the statement lightly. The energy and effort we are willing to put into your case is exhaustive. Our first step will be to carefully educate you about the charges you are facing, the steps involved in the process and the potential outcomes. We will give you the information to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

As we move forward, our lawyer will design a legal strategy based on the idea that your best leverage may come from a jury trial. We will prepare your case to be presented to a jury. If we get to the point where the overzealous prosecution is unwilling to offer a fair deal, we will not hesitate to take it to the next level.

Dedicated to Standing up for your Rights

In fact, our law firm is built on the premise of taking criminal defense to the next level. We have more than 15 years of experience in which we have taken countless cases to trial. We consider the courtroom our home. We are comfortable there. That is where we have an impact. We understand how the jury thinks. We know how to make bold presentations to help them see the matter from our point of view. We know how to paint a clear picture of justice.

We know how to fight for you.

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