Theft and Shoplifting Defense Attorney

From a onetime youthful mistake of shoplifting to serious charges of retail theft, you will need an experienced shoplifting defense lawyer on your side to help minimize punishment and avoid a reputation as a thief. Our criminal defense attorney’s mission is to protect your rights and freedom. We take that responsibility seriously enough to commit all of our knowledge, resources and energies to helping you find a favorable outcome.

Depending on the value of the item you are accused of stealing from a retail store, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense. However, unlike law enforcement officers, mall security and store personnel do not have to follow the same legal standards. You are under no obligation to discuss a retail theft or shoplifting claim with any retail store employee.

While you may believe you can quickly resolve a retail theft misunderstanding with the store, the police are often called whether you cooperate or not.   We are not afraid to take the case to court where you can be confident in our ability to clearly present a convincing case to juries.

Experienced Retail Theft Defense Can Preserve Your Freedom

Our firm provides strong defense representation in shoplifting cases involving allegations of:

  • Stealing Goods or Services
  • Concealing or Transferring Merchandise
  • Switching Price Tags
  • Removing Theft Protection Devices
  • Other Theft Accusations

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