Pedestrian Accidents are Terrifying

Pedestrian Accidents are Terrifying

Any collision can be terrifying, but collisions involving pedestrians are especially so. Even at relatively low speeds, when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, he or she can be traumatically injured. Whether you find yourself in the role of pedestrian or driver there are several things regarding pedestrian/vehicle collisions that you should be aware of. More Information here

If you are a pedestrian you must be aware of local traffic laws and you must follow them. If you cross the street somewhere other than a marked pedestrian crossing and are struck by a vehicle, your “jaywalking” may be looked at as a factor in the collision, limiting your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. If you are stuck and the vehicle does not stop, to the best of your ability, try to get a good look at the driver, the vehicle, and the license plate; be sure to write details down as soon as possible. Whether the vehicle stops or not, if you are able, contact law enforcement and try to locate potential witnesses who may have seen what happened. If the driver does stop, get his or her name, contact information, and insurance information, and be sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible.Accident Lawyers

Drivers must also be aware of pertinent traffic laws and abide by them. Many municipalities have clearly designated crosswalks; if a pedestrian is in a designated crosswalk, you may have to yield the right of way. If you strike a pedestrian with your vehicle, be sure to stop. It is important that you offer what aid you can to the injured person and contact authorities to further assist the injured person. Try to do many of some things that you would do after a collision involving another automobile; be sure to take pictures, locate witnesses and contact an attorney. The fallout from the collision will depend on several things such as the actions of the driver and the pedestrian, the extent of any injuries, and insurance coverage.

Accidents happen, but almost every collision is avoidable, drivers and pedestrians alike should do their utmost to minimize the chance of a collision. Drivers should always be vigilant, constantly keeping a lookout for other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. Pedestrians must also exercise care, wearing bright and/or reflective clothing and/or carrying a flashlight at night, looking for vehicles, and only crossing at appropriate crosswalks when it is safe to do so.

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