Theft Charge Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense is about freedom. It is about standing up for your rights and protecting your future from jail time, large fines and a mark on your record that will follow you throughout your life. A criminal defense attorney’s role is to protect your freedom. That is a role that we take very seriously. We take it seriously enough to exhaust all of our energy, knowledge and resources to get you results.

In this state, people facing theft charges turn to ourĀ  Law Firm. We have many years of experience standing up for the rights of our clients. In those years, we have taken many cases to court. We have stood strong in more trials than the vast majority of criminal defense lawyers in this region. That is the level of dedication that we will bring to your case.

We are tough. We are also realistic. When you choose us, we will give you an honest assessment about the potential outcomes of your theft charge case. You deserve to know what you are facing, without being given false hopes. Instead of devoting our energy to painting an unrealistic picture of your situation, we will channel our energy into getting you an outcome that is right for you. That is what really counts.

Our law firm is available to defend you against charges of petty theft, grand theft and other related property crimes, including:

  • Auto Theft
  • Robbery
  • Armed Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting

We are also available to defend you against related non-theft property crimes, such as arson, malicious injury to property, vandalism and trespassing.

No matter what type of theft charge you are facing, you can count on us to defend your rights. We want to show you the difference that an experienced and dedicated lawyer can make in your criminal defense case.

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