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San Antonio Construction Defect Attorney – Cracks

Types of cracks from construction defects include:

Cracks in Stucco

Cracks in stucco are indicative of problems with the interior structure of your home or condo. Luckily, cracks in stucco are usually visible to the naked eye, and if you see these cracks in stucco developing, you need to have the issue examined immediately.

Cracks in Drywall

Cracks in drywall are also a signal of deeper problems with the craftsmanship of your home, so if you notice any cracks in the drywall in your home or condo, take note of them immediately and contact an expert to identify the source of the defects lawyer

Cracks in Tile Floors

Cracks in tile floors may be an indication of problems much more serious than faulty tiles. Cracks in tile floors could mean problems with your foundation, slab or frame, and you should not simply assume that this type of problem is minor.

Cracks in Concrete Flatwork

Cracks in concrete flatwork may be a signal to you that the flatwork itself is faulty. Cracks in concrete flatwork could also mean that there are problems with your foundation and/or your subgrade. If problems with your foundation or subgrade are not corrected, your home will eventually be destroyed.

Cracks in Slabs and Garage Flooring

Cracks in slabs and garage flooring are not only expensive to repair but could be a sign that you need to have your foundation and subgrade checked, as these cracks are generally more a symptom than a cause of problems.

Overall, cracks that appear anywhere in your home should not be ignored, as they are often indications that more serious problems exist. If these problems are not resolved, your home could be destroyed. Contact a construction defect attorney immediately if you have concerns about cracks in your law Bryan Woods

Cracking in Stucco or Gypsum Board

Cracking of finishes such as stucco or gypsum board usually means that your home was not built with the proper materials, and this can lead to other serious problems in your home or condo. Builders have a duty to use materials that will prevent cracking of finishes such as stucco or gypsum board, as their professional status should make them aware of faulty materials before they are used.

Cracks in Windows

Cracks in windows may be nothing more than an errant baseball from a nearby game, but many times cracks in windows are the result of improper craftsmanship in regards to their installation or even problems with the frame of your home.

Excessive Wall Cracking

Excessive wall cracking is obvious to anyone who sees it, but what may not be obvious is the real problem behind excessive wall cracking. These cracks could be the result of faulty drywall, dry-rot or even foundational problems.

Cracked Finishes

Cracked finishes could either be a cause or a result of a serious problem with the construction of your home. If you notice any number of cracked finishes, you need to keep in mind that they could be due to improper materials or even serious construction defects as they relate to the frame of the building itself.

If any of the problems above the surface after you move into your home, you need to do two things to mitigate the suffering that may follow. First, contact a contractor to examine the problem, as serious issues with the construction of your home could be present. Second, you need to contact a construction defect attorney immediately, as the longer you wait, the worse the problem could get and the more difficult it becomes to protect your rights.

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