Drunk Driving Attorney who Knows Breath Tests

The breathalyzer breath test is the most common tool used by police officers when pulling someone over for DUI/DWI. If a person takes the test and does not pass, they face driver’s license suspension. If a person refuses to take the test, they face driver’s license suspension. The difference is the length of the suspension. No matter which choice you made, you do not have to simply accept the consequences. We will stand by your side to see that you get justice.

For more than 15 years, DC Law has stood up for the rights of people in Boise, Idaho, and beyond in drunk driving cases involving breath tests. We have the knowledge to stand up to the system to get you the results you deserve.

The administration of breath tests is built around a concept called implied consent. This concept states that driving is a privilege and that, by using that privilege, you have automatically consented to taking a test if you get pulled over. At our law firm, we see the inherent weaknesses in this concept. The language is not clear. We do not believe it is just. We are ready to challenge the idea of implied consent in order to help you.

Standing Up for the Rights of People Accused of Drunk Driving

When you talk to us about the charges you are facing, we will not paint an unrealistic picture of the potential outcomes. The last thing you need is to have an attorney give you false hopes. Instead, we will be straightforward. We will tell you about all potential outcomes. Then we will fight to get you the best one.

If you have been accused of DUI/DWI because you failed a breathalyzer test, we can help you.

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