Child Molestation Defense Lawyer

A charge of child molestation can put you in a very challenging situation. More than other criminal charges, these accusations tend to be accompanied by an assumption of guilt. The public, the prosecutors, the jury members and more all believe that, simply because you were charged, you must have done something wrong. This is a challenging position to fight from. We are up to the fight.

At this Law firm, we will stand by your side. We have many years of experience that we bring to every case we handle. Our law firm is available to defend people in this state against charges of sexual contact with a minor.

Our defense strategy hinges on our ability to make a strong impact in a courtroom. We will prepare your case with the strength to go to trial. We know that, in many instances, overzealous prosecutors are more interested in seeing you found guilty than getting true justice. That means we need to take cases to the next level: trial. We have more trial experience than the vast majority of criminal defense attorneys in our region. We know how to control the courtroom. We know how to get you justice.

We are a Law Firm that is Willing to Fight for you

Whether you have been falsely accused of sexual assault of a minor relative, making lewd and lascivious sexual conversation with a minor over the Internet through instant messaging, or any other child molestation charge, we can help.

From the outset, we will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. We will give you an honest assessment of your case. You will find that we are not interested in painting an unrealistic picture about the possibilities. Instead, we will clearly explain the reality of these severe charges you are facing. With that reality in mind, we will put forth every effort to get you through this by eliminating or dramatically reducing the charges against you.

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