Boise Murder and Homicide Defense Attorney

Murder, homicide, manslaughter and similar charges are among the most serious that a person can face. The punishments are intended to fit the crime, meaning that a conviction essentially destroys the life of the convicted individual. We know how to stand up against these charges. In more than 15 years of practicing criminal defense, we have stood up for the rights of people in severe and complex attempted murder and homicide cases, including those involving the death penalty. We have the experience to work hard to save your future.

At DC Law, we are available to represent people in Boise and throughout Idaho. Our defense strategy is based on our belief that trial is often the only true source of leverage that you will have. Overzealous prosecutors are often unwilling to provide deals that make sense for you. In the courtroom, we can make an impact. We are confident in our ability to argue our case in front of a jury.

That confidence is based on experience. We have taken many cases to trial. In fact, we have taken more cases into the courtroom than the vast majority of attorneys practicing criminal defense in this region. We know how to talk to the people on a jury. In the courtroom, everything boils down to us and them. We will work hard to convince them of what is right.

Defending You Against Murder and Related Charges

Murder, homicide and manslaughter are all related charges. Murder charges come in degrees, with first degree murder being the most severe and third degree murder being the least severe. Although it is the least severe, it still is extremely serious and a conviction is typically accompanied by life-altering penalties.

Manslaughter comes in two varieties: voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. In these cases, often our options come down to understanding the various charges and arguing your situation down to the one with the least repercussions to you. We will strive to have your charges eliminated or minimized to the greatest extent possible.

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