Lewd Conduct and Indecent Exposure Attorney

All sex crime charges are serious. Convictions for indecent exposure, lewd conduct and similar charges can result in sex offender registration. This is a permanent scar that will impact where you live, your ability to get a job and other parts of your life. It will leave you with serious repercussions beyond fines and jail time. You have the right to defend yourself. We can help.

For more than 15 years, we have stood up for the rights of people accused of crimes. We are available to represent people all over the state. At  this Law Office, we are committed to giving your case the attention it deserves to succeed.

Our years of practicing law have been devoted to taking cases as far as possible to get results. That means taking cases to trial. We have encountered many prosecutors that are simply unwilling to make fair deals in indecent exposure, lewd conduct and other criminal defense matters. We will be ready to take these cases in front of a jury, where we have experience making a serious impact and getting results for our clients.

Dedicated to Standing up for People Accused of Sex Offenses

We have been recognized for our knowledge of criminal defense. We have appeared on a nationally-televised Court TV program providing insight into complex criminal law matters. That is the level of trusted knowledge you will have on your side to defend you against charges of indecent exposure, lewd conduct, public urination or similar crimes.

Our law firm is energetic. We are enthusiastic about our ability to fight for our clients. When you choose us to represent you in your sex crime case, you can be assured that we will put forth every effort to get you through this.

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