Drug Trafficking Charge Defense Lawyer

A criminal charge of drug trafficking puts your freedom at stake. Your freedom is valuable. It should be fought for. We have built our careers on standing up for the rights of people accused of crimes. When we say we will fight for you, it is not just words. It is not just something we say. We will put those words into action. We will exert all of our strength, energy and knowledge to protect your freedom.

For many years, this firmĀ  has stood up for the rights of people in the state. We know how to defend you. This is not just a matter of doing paperwork and accepting a deal from the prosecutor. This is about working hard to get you results that matter. Often, overzealous prosecutors are not wiling to make deals for those sorts of results. Often, we have to fight for them.

When it comes to a drug trafficking charge, the fight will take place in the courtroom. We thrive in this environment. We have taken more cases to trial than the vast majority of lawyers in the area. In the courtroom, we can make an impact. Everything boils down to us and the jury. Our job is to communicate to them the importance of getting you the justice you deserve. We know how to do that job.

We are Dedicated to Defending your Freedom

Our knowledge and reputation has led to appearances on national television. We have appeared on Court TV providing insight into complex criminal defense matters. That is the level of trusted representation you will have on your side when you choose us to represent you against your drug trafficking charge.

We will take the time to get to know your worries, your concerns and your fears. Our goal is not to assuage them by giving you false hopes. We believe the relief we provide is much more substantial: hard work, exhaustive effort and a commitment to getting you results that allow you to move past this and get on with your life.

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