Attempted Strangulation Defense Attorney

Attempted strangulation is a charge that is often related to domestic violence or bar fight assault cases. It can be applied to any situation in which the hands of the accused touched or reached for the alleged victim’s neck. In many cases, we have seen this charge handed out by overzealous police officers. We can defend against these charges. We can protect your rights.

We have many years of experience that we bring to every case we handle. At our Law Office, experience means much more than years spent pushing paper or sitting behind a desk. We have taken more cases to trial than the vast majority of criminal defense attorneys in this region. We believe in the value of jury trials. It is there that we have built a strong record for success that is acknowledged in this state.

We understand the law. Our knowledge has been recognized nationally. Court TV asked us to appear to provide insight into complex violent crime matters. That is the level of trusted knowledge that we will bring to your case.

We are here to Defend You Against Attempted Strangulation Charges

If you or a loved one has been accused of attempted strangulation, we can help. Whether the charge was related to domestic abuse, assault and battery or any other matter, we will put forth every effort to get you through this with eliminated or drastically minimized consequences.

We are going to be straightforward with you about the potential outcomes. At our law firm, we do not believe in leading you on with false promises and false hopes. Instead, we will tell you the truth. We will give you an honest assessment of your case and then let our actions speak. We will work hard to get you the results you need.

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